Plastic Recycling Industry in Desperate Need of Support

Plastic Recycling

In the face of global challenges, the plastic recycling industry has reached a pivotal moment. The journey of transformation and growth within this sector is not just about overcoming obstacles but is a clarion call for collective action and legislative support. As we delve into the current state of plastic recycling in Europe, Pakire Polymers…

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A Call for Unified Waste Collections in Europe

Waste Collections

Plastic Recyclers Europe, a leading trade association, has recently urged the European Union (EU) to commit to transforming plastic into a fully circular material. This call for action emphasises the need for realistic targets and the establishment of harmonised waste collection systems across the continent. Such systems are pivotal in enhancing plastic recycling processes and…

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A Romanian Energy Crisis and What it Means for Recycling

Romanian Energy Crisis The current energy dilemma in Romania, marked by an unstable domestic supply and a heavy reliance on imports, paints a gloomy picture of the future for many sectors in the country’s economy. One industry significantly at risk is the recycling sector, for whom the repercussions of the energy situation are numerous. The…

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Pakire Polymers: Green Goals, Golden Standards | Romanian Plastic Recycling

Romanian Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling in Romania In the midst of a pressing global environmental crisis, we at Pakire Polymers have consistently stood our ground, ardently advocating for industry-leading sustainability practices. Located in Bucharest, Romania, our advanced recycling facility stands as a testament to the tangible progress we have made in our unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious operations.…

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Navigating the Current Challenges in European Plastic Recycling

European Plastic Recycling

The European plastic recycling sector is facing a number of challenges, according to the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR). It’s a unique time, with a complex combination of factors like lower demand, declining prices, and cheaper virgin materials, amid broader economic uncertainties affecting the sector. This doesn’t paint the entire picture, however, as the market…

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Pakire Polymers is REACH Compliant | Certificate of Compliance Awarded

REACH Compliant

Pakire Polymers has reached a significant milestone in being awarded the Certificate of Compliance with the REACH Directive, underlining their steadfast dedication to high ethical standards and sustainability. This certification not only assures customers that any recycled plastic pellets purchased from Pakire are genuinely recycled and fully traceable, but it also eliminates any concern over…

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Plastics Recycling is Booming in Europe | The Recycled Plastic Revolution

Plastics Recycling Industry

Europe’s Plastics Recycling Industry Growth The plastics recycling sector in Europe is experiencing vigorous expansion, motivated by encouraging legislation, escalating demand, and burgeoning investment, as noted by Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE). PRE’s latest figures indicate a 17% growth in plastics recycling capacity in 2021, bolstered by a projected investment of €1.75bn (£1.6bn). Germany, Spain, Italy,…

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€7 Billion Investment Into Chemical Recycling: Worthwhile or Money Wasted?

Chemical Recycling

Is Chemical Recycling a Sustainable Solution? Investments in chemical recycling have surged, igniting debates on whether this is a practical solution or a wasteful endeavour. This recycling approach is championed by some as a potential answer to the escalating problem of plastic waste. However, detractors caution that these techniques are largely unproven and extremely costly.…

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Say Goodbye to Greenwashing: How the EU Green Claims Directive is Promoting Environmental Transparency

EU Green Claims Directive

EU Green Claims Directive The Changing Markets Foundation (CMF) has hailed the forthcoming EU green claims directive as the end of the era of greenwashing. The directive, which is expected to be published this month, will require companies to substantiate their green claims using primary data that is company-specific. The CMF released a timeline of…

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