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Pakire Polymers is a manufacturer of quality recycled plastic pellet with a wealth of expertise in the recycling industry, as well as in chemical engineering. Our pellets are made using state-of-the-art technology by our team of accomplished specialists, all of whom are highly qualified and experienced in recycling and repurposing plastic. We produce the highest quality recycled plastic pellet available on the market, and we are proud of the standards we maintain in both our products and the ethical manner in which we operate.

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Experience and Realiability

Industry Leading Plastics Recycler

Pakire Polymers was founded on more than 40 years total experience in recycling and repurposing plastic. The company’s founders have spent decades working with plastics in the recycling and manufacturing sectors and have built extensive networks of international clients. We have a great many customers who regularly place their trust in us and our services, confident that we will reliably meet their expectations for standards within the timeframes that we agree.

The director of our pellet production facility is an expert chemical engineer, specialising in the recycling of plastics. The facility uses state-of-the-art German and Austrian engineered machinery, from industry leading manufacturers such as Lindner and EREMA, to produce the most dependable and structurally consistent pellet available anywhere on the market. We have our own onsite laboratory that allows us to precisely identify different polymers, ensuring proper segregation of materials prior to the recycling process.

We are a fully licensed, accredited and certified organisation, having all of the environmental, health and safety and fire safety certifications we need; all of our staff members are provided with full health and safety and fire safety training at the beginning of their employ. We also have National TFS Office Waste Management Registration, as well as Public and Employers Liability. The central pillar around which Pakire Polymers operates is the commitment to conducting our business safely and ethically at all times.

The pride we take in our ethical conduct is matched by the pride we take in the standard of customer service we provide. All of our clients are highly valued, and we strive to offer all the support they need; we have expert customer service staff waiting to assist with any enquiries or issues that may arise. We are proud of the fact that we operate with full transparency; our service is fully traceable to demonstrate that we deal only with licensed waste brokers, waste handlers and responsibly sourced waste.


See for yourself the standard we hold ourselves to

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Health & Safety

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Working to protect the environment

Pakire Polymers is a proud partner of the Foundation Conservation Carpathia. The FCC is a foundation that exists to protect the natural environment in Romania, and that is a cause Pakire is behind every step of the way. We use our expertise and resources to help local communities in Romania with recycling solutions and contribute to the Carpathia Fund to help safeguard mountain forests and alpine meadows.


Environment Solution

We provide global solutions for a global economy

We work with a multitude of different industrial sectors across many countries to help reduce the environmental damage caused by industrial practices of the past. We are the future of ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

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  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Pakistan
  • Germany
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Manufacturing sectors we work with

Does your company produce plastic waste?

These are all plastic-heavy industries, and we are a vital link in helping companies to achieve corporate zero waste targets. We have seen in real time the uptake of Irish and British manufactured products as a direct result of the essential services we provide.

Our Services

Buy Plastic Scrap


We buy a number of different types and grades of plastic scrap at highly competitive prices from both post-industry and post-consumer sources.

Sell Processed Pellets

Our Services - Sell Processed Pellets

We take plastic scrap material and put it through our state-of-the-art recycling process to produce the highest quality recycled plastic pellet available on the market today. Our product is the ideal choice for use in manufacturing across a wide variety of different sectors.

Circular Economy

circular economy

It is part of our mission to help create a shift towards a circular economy; we want to move all industries in the direction of ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Find out all the ways in which we work towards achieving this goal.

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