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We run a 24 hour operation, producing the highest quality of recycled plastic pellet on the market. With our high standards and production capacity of more than 20,000 tonnes per year, over 50 tonnes per day, we are a key player in shifting industry towards a circular economy.


Our Services

Buy Plastic Scrap


We buy a number of different types and grades of plastic scrap at highly competitive prices from both post-industry and post-consumer sources.

Sell Processed Pellets

Our Services - Sell Processed Pellets

We take plastic scrap material and put it through our state-of-the-art recycling process to produce the highest quality recycled plastic pellet available on the market today. Our product is the ideal choice for use in manufacturing across a wide variety of different sectors.

Circular Economy

circular economy

It is part of our mission to help create a shift towards a circular economy; we want to move all industries in the direction of ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Find out all the ways in which we work towards achieving this goal.

Group 211

After formal assessment by ICI UK, Pakire Polymers is now Certified as fully REACH Compliant.

We are delighted to have received our Certificate of Compliance with the REACH Directive from ICI UK. This gives manufacturers who source their plastic pellet from Pakire Polymers the peace of mind that their materials are fully recycled and traceable.

Oil Price

The latest barrel price of crude oil

Crude oil is one of the most highly in-demand commodities in the world. Fluctuations in oil prices impact many industries, with plastic manufacturing and recycling both being among the most affected.

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Materials we Recycle

Which materials you can recycle with Pakire

To help us achieve our goal of creating a circular economy, we purchase plastic waste to put through our state-of-the-art recycling process and breath new life into the material. We buy HDPE, LDPE and PP plastic scrap material from many different post-industry and post-consumer sources. We offer competitive prices for all materials, subject to a quality to check. If you have plastic scrap to sell, then we are keen to hear from you. If you have any polymer types not listed above, we still encourage you to get in touch.

Environment Solution

We provide global solutions for a global economy

We work with a multitude of different industrial sectors across many countries to help reduce the environmental damage caused by industrial practices of the past. We are the future of ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

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If you have a passion for recycling and for achieving a sustainable future, then we want to hear from you.