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Pakire Polymers buys HDPE, LDPE and PP plastic scrap; we are interested in hearing from anyone with these plastics who is wanting to sell. We are always on the lookout for these polymers when clean and in good condition, and we will consider every offer. We source our materials from a wide range of industrial sectors from all over the world to process in our state-of-the-art facility.

Circular Economy

The Pakire Polymers business model of the future

Shifting manufacturing and other industries across the globe towards a circular economic model is at the centre of the Pakire Polymers objectives.

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our machinery is engineered by industry leaders such as EREMA and Lindner

When selling your plastic waste to Pakire Polymers you can expect prompt payment and the highest standards of customer service. We have dedicated customer support staff available to you; they have the expertise to assist you with any enquiry or problem you might have. We are a fully licensed, accredited and certified company and deal only with responsibly sourced materials. You can trust that Pakire Polymers will treat your plastics in the most ethical way possible.

If you are a manufacturer, or if you require plastic pellet for any other reason, then we are able to sell you back your own material should you want the guarantee of where it was sourced from. Our facility uses the most advanced technology to process plastic scrap; our machinery is engineered by industry leaders such as EREMA and Lindner, and therefore we can achieve significantly higher yields than manufacturers who use an inferior standard of machinery.


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