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by George Kiernan

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Pakire Polymers has reached a significant milestone in being awarded the Certificate of Compliance with the REACH Directive, underlining their steadfast dedication to high ethical standards and sustainability. This certification not only assures customers that any recycled plastic pellets purchased from Pakire are genuinely recycled and fully traceable, but it also eliminates any concern over virgin plastic being mis-sold as recycled.

Positive Reputation

Following a formal inspection by ICI UK, the certification showcases Pakire Polymers’ commitment to upholding rigorous standards for responsible and sustainable operations. This reflects positively on their customers, who benefit both economically and ethically. In an age of growing consumer demand for eco-friendly practices, businesses sourcing materials from Pakire can confidently promote their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Plastic Tax Exemption

Moreover, the certification allows Pakire’s customers to be exempt from plastic taxes, providing a considerable financial advantage. It also reinforces their commitment to environmentally friendly business practices, reflected in their state-of-the-art recycling facility.

Commitment to Sustainability

Pakire’s modern approach towards waste management, their industry-leading machinery, and their plastic recycling and chemical engineering expertise lead to the highest possible yields of recycled pellets from the materials they process, minimising the need for virgin polymers. Their commitment to transparent operations ensures traceability of materials, providing customers credibility in their sustainability claims.

In short, Pakire Polymers’ Certificate of Compliance with the REACH Directive validates their high standards for ethical conduct and the substantial benefits to their customers. They exemplify that sustainability, transparency, and business success can coexist, making businesses not just purchasers of recycled plastic, but investors in a sustainable future.

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